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The Hybrid Double Camber makes this board forgiving on turns, while the solid poplar core is lightweight, and has a nice solid feeling. A softer torsional center flex makes it easy for beginners to learn how to control their board for ground tricks, while the Basalt X Bands in nose and tail provide some pop in nose and tail presses.

Recommended for Entry Level users who want to focus on ground tricks, or those who snowboarded in the past looking to come back with a playful freestyle board.


What size board should I ride?

*If you are mainly riding all mountain consider a board on the longerend of the size range

*Weight can play a larger factor in size selection so prioritize that metric over height

*If you mainly ride park or freestyle then consider a board that is on the shorter end of the size range.

*A beginner will have an easier time on a slightly shorter board within your size range

Snowboard Size Chart

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$ 429.95$ 429.95
$ 399.95$ 399.95
$ 349.95$ 349.95

Standard Long Fit Jacket- mid thigh length, comfortable performance fit jacket with room to layer a hoodie.

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